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The Jodie Matta-Dillinger (JMD) Cancer Resource Center, UPMC McKeesport, our partners and volunteers are dedicated to offering much needed resources and support through advocacy, compassion and sensitivity to those that we serve in the Mon Valley and the Greater Pittsburgh region.

Please visit our recently updated Brochure page. 

The Board of Directors of the JMD remains dedicated to addressing the day-to-day and complex needs of cancer patients. Through its Cancer Resource Center, the JMD will continue its program expansion goals that will include but not be limited to:

  1. Developing and implementing programs and services to assist UPMC McKeesport cancer patients negotiate their financial and health care needs.

  2. Assuring that that current and future JMD patient assistance programs will be adequately funded.

  3. Providing relevant resources, information and referrals to center visitors as requested.

  4. Launching outreach initiatives to educate the general public, community based non-profits, stakeholders and potential funders of the JMD mission and its goals and objectives.       

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