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This is Jodie's Story and our motivation...

In 2000, Jodie was diagnosed with an inoperable stage 4 glioblastoma brain tumor. At the time this brain tumor was detected, Jodie was a vibrant young woman; a loving wife and mother. To those that knew her, she was a strong woman of conviction who championed causes that were important to her, her family and community. In sickness as in health, Jodie approached her life-threatening illness with hope, optimism, determination and courage.  Her family and friends cheered her small triumphs and prayed for her well-being.  Jodie would often think of ways to repay the generosity of others once she was well.
















Jodie’s last day came on August 22, 2001. This date serves as both a day of remembrance and source of inspiration to her family and friends. Through personally witnessing the challenges that she faced, Jodie’s family realized that those less fortunate than she would have needs that would often go unmet. Jodie’s cancer journey created for them a template of what types of assistance others might need during and after treatment. In an effort to address this reality, Jodie’s family and friends formed the JMDF in 2005. They then organized fundraising events with the hope of creating new resources to Mon Valley cancer patients.  Through several years of persistence and perseverance, the JMDF reached significant milestones. The first came in 2009 when McKeesport Hospital authorized the JMDF to manage the Wig Room. Then in 2012, a significant goal was accomplished with the dedication of the Jodie Matta-Dillinger Resource Center in June.


The JMDF realizes that much remains to be done and will continue to honor Jodie’s legacy as new programs and projects are developed and implemented.  

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