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The Jodie Matta-Dillinger (JMD) Cancer Resource Center located at UPMC McKeesport, Level D is here to help.Through this JMD Cancer Resource Center office, we manage our many programs such as The Wig Room, Dignity Robes, our Nutritional Supplement Program, Dietary Counseling, and our new Support Group and Cancer Research Library. 


The JMD Cancer Resource Center also welcomes walk-in visitors to our office to assist them with accessing community-based services, providing appropriate referrals or offering other necessary assistance when these individuals do not know where to turn.


Most importantly, the JMD Cancer Resource Center functions as a supportive advocate. All discussions with the resource center staff are considered strictly confidential unless otherwise noted. Meetings can also be scheduled in advance by calling 412-664-2664. 


To date, the JMD Director of Program and Community Services has met with countless patients and caregivers. He is confident that through having this resource center presence at UPMC McKeesport that the JMD has been successful in improving the quality of life for those that we serve.


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